Photo Gallery


Shaver Lake Fishing Club 100 Year Anniversary Party
Our next generation! Dillon Bayless and Abby
SLFC Stan Cooper in 1902 period clothes, addressing guests at the Black Pot Cook Off emphasizing SLFC's 100 year anniversary and the history of the Central Sierra.
Black Pot guests listening to the importance of perserving the Central Sirra history
Black Pot Cook Off 2002 - Listening to fiddlers enjoying the evening digesting all the food!
Shaver Lake Fishing Club Kid's Day @ The Lake 2002 with World Impact
What a beauty!
Tim Nora coming in from fishing with some kids!
SLFC's Rebecca & Tracy watching for photo opportunities!
World Impacts Manuel gets Gabriel ready for a canoe trip out to touch the Big Rocks!
Southern Cal Edison biologist Rich Bagley, Talking about wildfires
SLFC Kid's Day @ the lake 2002: Loading up for the big trip across the lake.
Calm Canoeing in the eye of the Storm 10-2-2000
Poking the Pinata with patience 2000
The Bird was Hit now Pick up the Droppings! 2000
The newest member Genevieve Thuesen7-24-99
Wow look at that Dish 1999
A good look at the mechanics of Dutch-oven cookery
The 1999 Black Pot Cookoff a row of dutch-oven cookers
The 1999 Black Pot Cookoff at the Shaver Lake Fishing Club
The Pump Master and Friend 1995
Josh and Jim in canoe 1995
The Road Crew 1995
The Golden Hour 1995
Fishing Club Sign 1995
Club House 1995
More Club House 1995
The Fire Place 1995
Up Town Shaver Lake 1995
A long view of Kens Market
David Passmore 1995
Down Town Shaver Lake 1995
The Road to the Gate 1995
The City of Shaver Lake 1995
Get the Stick Boy 1995
Get both sticks! 1995
The club house fire place 1995
Garret Millers first fishing outing at Shaver Lake Aug. 22 1998
Ralph Aten and a real nice string of fish! From 1940
Early Photos of Shaver LakeFishing
Club Members from 1912
Sunshine Artists 7AM 1912
Real Sports "Fisherman" 1912
J.P. Bernard Responding to ovation given us on breaking camp 1912
Charly Barnum May 1915
Hartley Phillips record catch 1915 Wgt. 3 3/4 Lbs.
Chas E. Barnum 1915
Looks like a snowball fight 1915
Sure is a snowball fight 1915
More snowballs 1915
The small steamer "Michigan" -- a twin of the boat used in the film, "The African Queen" -- approaches one of the original clubhouses of the Shaver Lake Fishing Club, circa 1915. The Michigan was used to transport people and move logs around the first Shaver Lake.
Shave Lake Fishing club 1914
Shaver Lake 1914??? is it shaver?? HELP
In Repose Pual Vandor
Club Members
Club Members telling fish stories
Shaver Lake Fishing club, clubhouse winter of ??
Club members on a dock.
Bunk House (Across the track)
Across the track
Lake side at the club house.
Main Street in Camp.
Back of club house.
Closing up camp.
Pualin and Paul - Paul Vandor
Steamer coming in view of club house.
Cleaning camp
Eddie Jones (Chef)
Club Members 1911
Fishing club Banquet 1911
Club Members enjoying banquet 1911
Dr. J. L. Maupin
Another great day at the lake
E.N. Kelly, Ed Hughes and Dr. Lawurence Maupin
A Club Member in the early 1900's
Another Club Member
Chase Reige, W.V. Buel and friend
Club Member Jack Hall
Lets Go Fishing
A couple club members
H. Traff's prize Trout - 1912
Morning breeze on the Lake
The Bunk House
Another Prize Winner H Graff 1912
A snow covered Club House
A snowy day at the Lake
Another snowy day
Club House
Hanging out on the porch
The wood Brigade
Club members about 1907
The Doctor has a strike - Dr. A.R. Nicholson 1913
Club members hanging out at the Club House
Club Member W. W. Eden
Nice day for some fishing!
A very cold May - 1910
The General - 1910
Here comes a couple of snow balls
On the road to camp
Approaching Camp
Just beyond club house
Advance Guard - 1913
Club members enjoying anoter fine day
The General moves his bed why? Perhaps too many snores
Members getting ready to fish
Club Members Meet
Herman Brix
Nice Car
Say Cheese
Prize Winner 1911
Frosty Morning - May 1913
Two Harrys (Whipple & Barbour) - 1913
Prize Trout - This basket of Glen Muller now on wall - 1913
Nice Trout - W. D. Noble
Whispering Bill - W. M. Hughes - 1913
Jarvis Streeter
Boyd Smith
Packing up camp 1916
Short Step Jones 1913
The Doctor makes Henry a loan
Basin Big Creek before flooded 1913
Big Creek
Incline Big Creek 1913
Big Creek Dam - 1913
Club Banquet March 31 1923
Two happy members and one not so happy
Raising The Flag
Members enjoying camp
Judge Austin and his two best friends
Mr. Ray tried to put this wreck together and had a bushel of nuts and bolts left over.
Nice stringer of fish and a real cool Umbrella
The Club's Snow Man - May 26 1916
Club House - May 25 1916
When's that 4 spot
Snowy Road
Dr. W.P. Maupin - 1916
Dr. J.C. Cooper
Scotty - Sam G. Mortland
Another snowy day @ the Club House - 1916
Nice fishing hole - 1916
Fred Block - 1916
Packing up camp
Snowy Club House - May 25 1916
Snow ball fighting
Club members
More Club members
Nice boat
Bart Harvey and Friend
Nice Rock
Club House - 1916
Snowy walk from camp
Five Club Members
Snowy day at camp
Snowy road to camp
Club members resting **
Close up of the camps garage
The Garage
The new car
Club members on porch
E. W. Kelly and friend
Club house and car
Snow storm in May
Man on hill
Heine Smith
Ready for some fishing
Collecting wood?
A. H. Quinn
Group Photo - May 25 1916
Sam Glazer and Jarrio Street
Bob Tilson
Judge Crichton and J. E. Hughes
Snow Storm May 21 1927
Mist across lake after snow storm May 21 1927
Grimes and Aldrich
H. Scheidt and O. Jacobsen duke it out
O. Jacobdsen shows H. Scheidt his right hook
Dr. A. V. Acker
A. F. Warner
Dr. Williams
Club House, May 1927 (Last Picture)
Ges K Anderson
Dan Short
M. F. McCormick
Walt Herm
Club House May 1927 - Almost ready to fall down
Dr. Pasteeves Tent
R. V. Haslett (SCE)
I. E. Farley
Advance Guard May 1927
Shaver, Calif.
Club Members checking out car
Telling fish storys
Nice stringer of fish
Dick Carr
Chas Hill & Bud Gearhar
Joe Moodey
Milt Pinney
Guy Davenport
Club Directors Aug. 1927
Dr. Kocher
Ralph Andrews
Major Atkisson
P.B. Martin
Ken Gillis
Will Truxaw
Dr. R. L. Packwood
Frank Sayre
C. L. Fink
Club House after fire - May 1927
Mist after snow storm - May 21 1927
New Club House
Club Members
A little Boxing
More Boxing
Nice Swing
Hobb's goes fishing with W. W. Moble
String of trout
Club member
Loading boats
Members all dressed up
Auto Repair
Shaver Store
Shaver Lake Boat Landing
Residence St. Shaver
Road from Shaver to clubs camp
Another Group Photo
Austins Big Catch
Club Members Dining out
Members enjoying the deck
Cleaning fish
Mr. Crane
A. O. Warner and Dr. Cooper
Nice Fish
Kickin back!
Mr. Jacobson
Harry Owens
Leland Shannon
Leon Carney
I Affirm
Ed Fitzgerald
Club House May 1927
Chef & Assistants
Geo K Anderson
H. R. Clark SGEC
Dr. P. A. Steeves
Geo Goodwin
All from Sanger
Tom Sand
Fred Henry S.C.E.C.
May 1928
Jarvis Streeter & Harry Aldrich
May 1928 / Football?
Cooks - May 1928
Chester Warlow
Cleaning up?
Funeral for Fred Barlycom
J.B. Lying in state
Lets go fising
Another Group Photo
Telling fish storys
H. Braff
Who has the fish?
The Dock
The Bunch
The Club House
Club Member
A colage of members
Ten Club Members
Say Cheese
I pledge allegiance
Bill Dandy
J. G. Ferguson
A. B. Clark
Dr J. L. Maupin
D. L.Bachant
Jarvis Streeter
Dr. C. L. Hammer
Fred Garrison
John W. Gearhart
H. V. Rudy
G. G. Watson
G. H. Yearin (It sounds just like a lie)
Hartley Phillips
Judge H. L. Austin
Glen T. Willis
L. O. Stephens
E. L. Chaddock
Dr. Earl O. Vahue
H. O. Buker
Hans Graff
Dr. P. A. Steeves
Group Shot
Carp Cove
Off to fish
Judge M. K. Harris, Dr. Hopkins and Friends
Log Raft Shaver Lake
Mill at Shaver
Man at Dock
Race across lake
Getting ready for the big race
Geo Roeding Dives
Post race rest
Nice Dock
Club Members
Club House
A. C. Warner
Exhibition in fly casting
Club Members at Club House
The Michigan
More Club Members
3 Members around car
Judge Austin & E. L. Chaddock
E. L Chaddock
Rest Time
Group Shot of members and Club House
E. L. Chaddock
It's not all play time in the Club
Club Meeting
The "Advance Guard" on the way to Shaver Lake - in thr days before automobiles 1910
Advance Guard
Shaver Lake Fishing Club members 1920
Fishing Club members
Fishing Club colage
Member Colage
General Muller
Streeter & Aldrich
C. Brure
Hughes, Watson, Streeter, Austin, Walker, Muller, Williams, Mortland, Chadduck & Whipple
Edison Camp
Members at Camp Edison
Glenn Willis
R. B. Wilson
Mr. Yearin
E. V. Hammerly
F. Mack
E. N. Snitter
W. S. Routt
A. M. Tames
Dr. J. L. Maupin
Gen. M. W. Muller
W. D. Noble
Fred Nelson
H. M. Olson
Hartley Phillips
Chas Riege
W. M. Scales
L. O. Stephens
Mr. Schleuter
Jarvis Streeter
Paul Vandor
Dr. Vahue
G. G. Watson
M. H. Whipple
Ed Williams
Mead Harlan
E. O. Hoag
Dr. Ehester Hammar
W. B. Holland
Dr. Ethan Hopkins
Herbert Miles
John Meux
Scotty Mortlandz
Father Foin
Chas Fink
J. W Gearhart
B. W. Gearhart
Major Ed. Hughes
A. M. Hays
Earl Huges
Judge M. K. Harris
Fred Berry
J. C. Cooper
E. L. Chaddock
A. B. Clark
W. D. Criehton
W. G. Dandy
Dave Ewing
J. G. Ferguson
Harr Aldrich
A. V. Acker
H. Z. Austin
Chas G. Bonner
Louis Bachant
H. O. Buker
Chas Barnum
Dave Barnwell
Club members
The little steam-powered tugboat, "Michigan", on Shaver Lake.
The Club Mascot
A post card to shaver (Nice Stamp) part 1
A post card to shaver part 2
A 2nd post card part 1
A 2nd post card part 2
Fishing Club Trophy
Club Trophy
Billy Scales
The "Advance Guard" Proceeding by automobile - 1913
The Advance Guard by horse
Gen Muller
In Action
Lunch at the lake
Earl Hughes
M. H. Whipple
W. B. Holland
J. M. Bruerre
Paul Yandor
Louis Heilborn
Fred Nelson
Ed Grimes & H. Aldrich
Milt Hawkes
Frank Malcolm
Major Hughes
Club Members
Nice string of fish!
Lets go fishing
Gone Fishing
Geo Roeding
Geo Roading vs Alonzo Chance
Look out Geo
Geo Roading & A. Clark
Club members group shot
View of Lake
Cook out! (up in smoke)
Winter of 1950 (good bye club house.)
Club House carnage 1950
Club House?
Fresno Boys 1886 - 92
Fishing club colage
Club House Fire Place
Another group shot at current club house site.
Club House
Club House 1935
Club house fire place almost complete
Another nice rock
Look out
Nice cat
Ray Prior befor club house?
Lunch at Shaver
Lunch at lake 1935
Club members 1935
Snowy Day
Group Photo
Fish or Swim?
More Snow
All in a days work!

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