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Candlelighter's Celebration Camp


The Shaver Lake Fishing Club, in existence since 1902, hosted its second annual Candlelighter's Celebration Camp. Candlelighter's is an international organization founded in 1970 by parents of children with cancer.

The festivities began with donuts and juice aboard boats and what would be a refreshing, and anticipatory boat ride over to the Shaver Lake Fishing Club.

Awaiting guests were welcoming members of the Shaver Lake Fishing Club. Tables decorated in a fish motif greeted the guests as did live goldfish in mason jars and balloons galore, all adding to the excitement of what was yet to come.

Each child was immediately creating a masterful pine cone bird feeder while overlooking the lake's view. Event coordinator, Karin Nora, revved up the group getting shouts of excitement from all guests. Sand buckets with scrolls tucked inside were dispersed to each family. Upon hearing the word "Hunt", the scrolls were unfolded and the scavenger hunt items revealed. Guests scattered about quickly to began the race for the first place prize.

The President of Candlelighter's, Donna Oreizi, spoke an encouraging word to a group of sixty, including both Candlelighter's and Fishing Club Members.

The children's excitement escalated upon hearing the other activities planned for the day which included: horseback riding, canoeing, fishing, swimming and beach play.

A hearty and old-fashioned lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs including a variety of side dishes were served. A fanciful cake decorated with rainbow frosting, sporting the Shaver Lake Fishing Club Logo, and the word 'welcome' captured the eyes of all guests.

With bellies full and smiles plenty guests were treated to a spectacular and exceptionally informative hands-on wildlife presentation from Steve Bird, an Edison Biologist.

With continued enthusiasm all children lined up for a chance to break open the bloated fish pinata which was overflowing with candy.

More fun filled activities ensued the day and the journey by boat across the lake would have all reflecting, as the sun was setting, on this most memorable day in time.

Written by Karin Scheid Nora

Kid's Day

Shaver Lake Fishing Club hosts Kids Day for Valley Children's Hospital (Oncology Patients), Genesis Group Home, and Exceptional Parents United on September 2, 2000. The event was organized by Una Hayes Shephard and Karin Scheid Nora with the help of club members, and was held at the Shaver Lake Fishing Club.

Guests were treated to a full day of fun. Events began with a boat ride over to the Shaver Lake Fishing Club from the Marina. Donuts and apple juice were served on board. Upon arrival Kids decorated t-shirts with fabric paint. An abundance of food was then served for lunch on decorated tables incorporating a "fishing theme". Centerpieces were sand buckets with shovels and toys which were given to kids to play with and take home. After lunch the kids and their families were wisked away for canoeing, fishing from the shore and by boat, kite flying from boats, volleyball, basketball, horseshoe, sand castle building, an archaeological hike and lecture, and an Edison Biologist talk on Eagles in the area. After a grand day of events it was time to relax around numerous campfires and soak in the warmth as the weather conditions were exceedingly cold! A pinata was the ending to an eventful day. Night descended and dinner was served consisting of hamburgers and hotdogs with the works, potato salad, and chili beans after which the kids gathered around the campfires to roast marshmallows for S'mores. Photos were taken and hugs mutually given, and all boarded boats to bid a joyous farewell.

Submitted by: Karin Scheid Nora,

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